Senior Tax Advisory Group, is a local firm devoted to assisting retirees aged 50 and over in protecting their assets, reducing their tax bills, and ensuring that their money lasts while still committing to paying the least amount possible to the IRS.

There are many companies that work with the senior market.  We have found that most of these companies are simply marketing companies and nothing more.  This is one area in which Senior Tax Advisory Group, Inc. is different. We feel that our team offers better service than any other company in the industry.  We understand that it is impossible for one person to be all things to everybody which is why we have a dedicated team of advisors offering different services, so that our clients receive the highest level of assistance possible to become more secure in their retirement.

As a result, our clients receive service second to none, and the highest quality of products available in the market today.

We focus on helping seniors achieve peace-of-mind in their retirement years while ensuring they pay the least possible amount in taxes to the IRS. Our staff of highly motivated individuals have years of experience in working with the senior market and would like to become the epitome of success as a servant to our clients.


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