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You can find a wealth of information on the IRS webiste, everything from tracking of your refund to making payments online.  Of course, as always, you can call Senior Tax and we will get you answers to your questions.



 You can find the most recent information on your social security benefits here.  If you do not want to go to the Social Security office here is a good resource for what you can do online.  Got a question on Medicare check it out here.


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Colorado PERA

If you have retirement coming from PERA and have a question about how it will effect Social Security benefits you may receive, this is an excellent overview of how the Windfall Elimination Provision and or the Government Pension Offset will effect your benefits.



Senior Property Tax Exemption

Good News for Senior Citizens!  You can qualify for a 50% exemption on your property tax.  It's not automatic, you must apply.  Check out all the information on the ElPaso County website and see if you qualify.


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Senior Center

If you want to challenge your brain, explore your creative side, or you are just looking for a social outlet the Colorado Springs Senior Center would be a great place to start.


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Gresham Law

For over 10 years the Gresham Law Firm has been helping Senior Tax clients make important decisions regarding assets, conventional or complex estate planning, probate or estate administration. 


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Colorado Department of Revenue

Track your Colorado Income tax refund, renew your driver license or registration, and a lot more helpful information is available from the CO Department of Revenue.


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Silver Key Senior Services

At Silver Key you can schedule transportation if you need it, or make a reservation to have lunch delivered to your home and many other valuable services you can take advantage of. 


Senior Tax Advisory Group

A dynamic company helping people secure their retirement future.

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