Estate Planning

One of the first questions we ask in the initial stages of the planning process is; What are your goals for the nest egg you have done such a great job of accumulating?  We believe your goals and values should drive every decision you make concerning your legacy.

At Senior Tax Advisory Group it doesn't matter how many 0's there are in the amount of your retirement accounts.  What matters is the impact it will have on you and those you love; good estate planning makes sure that impact is maximized.  How many times has your financial planner, CPA and attorney gotten together to discuss your estate plan?  When we ask this question in seminars the answer is always the same, NEVER.  But if they aren't talking how can you know your estate plan is covering all the bases, protecting those assets and acheiving the legacy you have in mind.

Don't settle for a one deminsional estate plan.  Meet with one of our advisors and take one more step towards securing your legacy.

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Client retention rate speaks of the level of service and the integrity of a company and ours says it loud and clear.  We believe our clients stay with us because we serve each one of them equally providing a team approach that is not equaled in the industry.

Ready to start a conversation on how you can safely secure your retirement future?

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